The Persuasive Marketer

Key Focus on Mastering the Arts of Selling Anything to Anybody


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About The Book

In this book, “The Persuasive Marketer,” I detail the latest concept of marketing, the importance of communication, copywriting, lead generation, storytelling, the psychology of selling, and more, to improve your business, increase sales and improve your marketing skills.


Master the Art of Persuasion through marketing.


Identify prospects and then discover their wants and needs.

business & finance

Convert more sales and build a stronger business.

About The Author

Ioannis Antypas is a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Author and currently the CEO & Founder of the Antypas Group, a Group that consists of multiple companies that create outside-of-the box solutions to common corporate issues.

Prior to funding the Antypas Group, Antypas had a long history and relationship with the importing and exporting industry for over 10 years. His business legacy arose and was seen through his ownership of different restaurants in London. He has supported multiple large-scale businesses which include LF Cars, ANAAM Cars, Milano Stone and more.

His driving forces constantly fall under the umbrella of self-improvement and development, as well as a desire to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential. As a result, he often sponsors different Foundations, especially those who help underprivileged children escape poverty, alongside educational programs focusing on leadership development and the acquisition of business skills.

In order for the world to hold constant progressive elements, the need for qualified leaders quickly becomes of importance. This is something Antypas holds in mind as the search for an improved society becomes evident and being part of the process becomes the only solution.


When is the book launching?

The book launched on the 14th of August 2020 at 10am UK time (BST).

Where can I get my copy?

The Persuasive Marketer will be available to purchase on Amazon in these formats: Kindle Edition, Paperback and Audiobook.

What Inspired You To Write This Book?

In the world where businesses are turning digital,  I found one thing that the majority lack of; persuasion to close sales. This inspired me to write ‘The Persuasive Marketer’.

What made you want to create your own businesses?

I can’t remember not being an Entrepreneur. From selling water bottles in primary school to starting multiple businesses. It has always been about business from the start.

Did you write the book from personal experience?

Yes! Everything in this book is what I have personally done to start up my companies and continue to do so.

What do you hope people gain from reading this book?

I am hoping this book will encourage other Entrepreneurs to push the boundaries and either improve on their marketing, sales and persuasion techniques or, to start their own businesses.


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