You are ready to build your own online store, but what would you sell? We have seen a lot of online sellers in the UK who didn’t make it simply because they have chosen the wrong product. For those who are planning to take the online selling pursuit, note that the product you choose can make or break your business.

The product that you will choose must be the core of your business. This will shape the look of your brand, marketing plans, and even your sales. Whether you already have an idea or you are starting from scratch, you need to make sure that you choose the right products to sell in your eCommerce store.

Essential Steps that Help You Decide What to Sell Online

When deciding on what products to sell in your eCommerce store, you need to take the following steps:

  • Begin with Your Audience

 When deciding on the right products to sell, begin with your audience. Listen to them, step into their shoes, and, based on their age, gender, and their interests, take time to understand what really motivates them to purchase. You need to think like your clients and know their interests, their pain points, and their preference.

  • Discover the Most Trending Products

 Now that you’re thought of your clients and customers, it is about time to find the most trending product with the highest sale potential. The ultimate key here is to get early. Conduct your own research in order to get ahead of the recent and upcoming trends. Select a product that will certainly stand out and remain profitable, particularly with the viral trends.

Make sure to pay close attention to the fresh trends featured online or in magazines. Some sites also publish these trends in real-time, so you’ll have better chances to discover products the moment they become trending. You can also check on and explore popular eCommerce sites for valuable insights. Take a look at the product they sell and promote.

Use tools that can help you analyse the demands of the market for niche products. There are also tools that you can use in finding trends that can make more profit online.

  • Fill the Need in the Market

 When choosing a product to sell, it would be best to select a product that directly answers the needs of the customers. We have discovered the power of targeted research, which is why we recommend that such research be carried out so that you will be able to understand the pain points of customers. The date that you will gather from the targeted research helps in shaping your marketing as well.

When deciding on what product to sell online, you can check on your competitor’s online reviews of niche products. Reviews are helpful because most of the time, they tend to be more detailed. Read more on the comments sections to get more perspectives about a product.

There are certain points that you need to consider when reading on these product reviews, such as:

    • What do most customers like?
    • Who does the product tend to appeal to?
    • What aspects of product needs improving or fixing?
    • Are there accessories or components needed to make the product a lot better?

You must build on the strength of the competition and then brainstorm improvements. Moreover, expertise and excitement can also help you a lot in navigating the product that you choose and the industry as well.

The Ideal Products to Sell Online in 2020

There are countless choices when it comes to product selection, but the following are the ideal products to sell online in 2020 and beyond:

  • Reusable Home Products

 We all knew it. Plastic waste tends to increase every day, and customers are, therefore, changing their buying habits. If seeking for a product to sell, why not just join the sustainable products wave and significantly earn good karma. You can sell reusable everyday products like soap dispensers, water bottles and more.

  • Phone Accessories

 Mobile phone accessories are undeniably bestselling products over the internet these days.  Though competition can be tough, you can choose phone accessories and sell these products online. These products can guarantee you with bigger returns simply because these are highly in demand. Choose to sell practical phone accessories like chargers, phone cases, Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and many more. Millions of individuals in the UK own mobile phones so choosing to sell these products will be a big hit.

  • Fitness Apparel

 Luxury active-wear is a billion-dollar industry, so you can expect to gain the biggest revenue here. Try to stock your eCommerce store with beautiful and high quality exercise and athlete equipment. You can also sell clothing since more customers would surely want to wear body-sculpting clothes.

  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses

 We know for a fact that blue light is emitted by digital screens, and this poses negative impacts on sleep and on vision. With people’s increasing screen time, many are now searching for lenses or glasses that block blue light. You can now take advantage of this situation. Sell lenses in fashionable frames so that everything will be easier on their eyes.

  • Thrift Store Clothes

 Vintage clothing is also on the rise. Give customers more organised and shopping experience with categories and filters, compared to the in-person thrifting. Sourcing clothing from your own closets or from different second-hand stores in your area can be a great way to start selling online.

  • Team Merchandise

 Support fans have their own teams to support, and many students love to represent their schools. You can, therefore, sell tumblers, jerseys, hats, and more other products with team colours and insignia. You must focus on just one target market, like football teams or sports teams in the UK.

  • Gears and Toys for Kids

 From babies up to the school-aged ones, children definitely need a lot of products. Their parents are always in search of useful products such as onesies, baby carriers, and of course, gears and toys for kids. You can, therefore, sell products like these for more guaranteed profit.

These are just a few of the many ideal products to sell in your eCommerce store. Regardless of what product you choose to offer, make sure that it is backed by market research, and the product meets the needs of the consumers.