The launching of your business was probably a success. You have driven great sales, high profits, good returns on investment, qualified leads, and a pool of repeat customers. But don’t be satisfied with the immediate results.

After a successful launch, your should aim higher. Of course, we’re likely to be contented on what we achieve in the short-term run. Avoid that common practice and start expanding your business.

In the UK, for example, the competition is tough. Plus, the pandemic makes the world of business even more complicated than ever. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t lose hope. Take it as a challenge just like what I do when dealing with an obstacle.

To grow your startup in the UK, there are quality and effective business strategies you should weigh in mind before the lockdown is totally lifted. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Be Unrealistic

What’s the common advice you get from colleagues and peers? Probably, they encourage you to be realistic. But expect limited achievement in a span of years. It’s better to be unrealistic with your goals as this kind of perspective is an opportunity to set huge and achievable targets. Perhaps, you feel afraid with your thoughts. Don’t feel that way. Start to think big and consider it a challenge. Then, divide your goal into chunks. Whether you want to increase online presence or acquire ROI, know your target market at first. Then, modify your services in a way that resonates with the needs of your clients.

Invest in a Quality, Innovative, and Automated Infrastructure

Probably, you’re excited to embark on intensive marketing online. But which is better between making your business available to your target market and improving your infrastructure?

Well, proper and quality infrastructure should be your number one priority. In this digital age, the competition is intense. So, a strong internet visibility can play a critical role. Before anything else, a lightning fast and stable internet connection is essential. This enables you to respond on daily emails 24/7, create optimised pages on social media, develop responsive websites, and more.

Share Office Space

Who doesn’t want a full ownership of an office space? Of course, everyone would love owning a quality work place. But assess your financial resources. Can you afford it? Don’t you have enough budget to purchase your own office? Sharing a space has been a trendy alternative in the UK right now. This allows you to cut down the costs and acquire enough budget for other important aspects. Aside from avoiding unnecessary expenses, you could enjoy fast internet, high-quality pieces of furniture, high-end video conference, and more.

Study and Learn from Other Businesses of the Same Niche and Type

To stand out from the rest, it’s time to study your competitors. What are they doing? What makes their products and services popular? What helps them create noise in the market? Ask these questions while doing some market research. Then, use the idea to reinvent your own concept. Also, exert effort to identify the latest trends in the industry of your choice. One of the best ways is to attend conferences and seminars. But choose something related to the nature of your business.


You have provided discounts and bonuses. But do they work? If nothing drives quick results, providing a freebie is another brilliant idea. If you’re launching soon and want to catch the interest of your market, it would be nice to offer a giveaway on your much awaited day. Let’s say, you are in the restaurant business. What freebie would you want to offer? A glass of fresh fruit juice is a good alternative. In case you’ll open a new bar, offer a glass of premium wine.


So, the competition in your niche is hard. Good news! Branding is a great way to define your business. But it is a long and stressful process that’s why don’t take shortcuts. Always consider all important aspects to turn your identity into a reality. A strong brand helps you promote loyalty and advocacy. Branding also takes your credibility to a different level, allows you to acquire repeat customers, boosts consistency, attracts ideal customers, reduces unnecessary costs, saves your time, makes the introduction of new services easier, and more.

Facebook Marketing

Searching for an inexpensive and effective way to market your services? Don’t look further than Facebook advertising. Used by small, medium-sized and large businesses, FB ad is a budget-friendly and quality method you should try this 2020. What sets the platform stand out from other platforms is that you can target a specific audience according to online behaviour, interest, location, sex, interest, age, and other factors. Also, be sure to incorporate a solid image in your content and a descriptive copy can make a big difference.

Google My Business (GMB)

Another business strategy is to rank your GMB listing. Whether you run a business or target some local clients, I would say that this strategy is a powerful option you can ever have. Unlike the other solutions, GMB combines all of your platforms into a secure place. It includes your Google reviews, Google+ profile, and Google insights. A GMB provides other possibilities. It gives your startup a great internet presence and credibility. But is it tricky to rank a GMB listing? Of course, not. Just optimise your profile and collect citations. That’s it!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords has been around for years because of its competitive edge. While it may cause a dent in your savings account, the results are worth the cost and effort.

For starters, Google Adwords is a bit tricky. But if you know how it’s done, your experience will be fun and stress-free.

You can also minimise the cost by taking advantage of the on-page search engine optimisation. Then, Google will give your ad a quality/high score. But it depends on the click through rate and landing page.

If you’re on the lookout for other business strategies, you can hire qualified consultants and capable specialists. They can unleash your potential as a marketer, minimise the risks, and more.