9 December 2021

Three Winning Sales Strategies That No Marketer Should Ignore!

1. Ads That Captivate Attention Obtain Results
Consider how many advertisements you hear on a daily basis…or even an hourly basis. Let’s face it, we are inundated with magazine advertisements, newspaper advertisements, television advertisements, and radio advertisements, and the Internet is replete with advertisements. Few of the countless advertisements that bombard us remain with us and have an effect. How can you ensure that your advertisement STANDS OUT FROM THE CROWD?

Make a strong statement: “Even my dog understands…”

Surprise them by doing something unexpected: “Utilize for 30 days completely free…”

“Is your existing insurance costing you hundreds of dollars extra each year?” pose a thought-provoking question.

Utilize strong headlines – it’s critical to immediately capture their attention.

2. Personalize
How frequently have you been sucked into the automated phone service cycle? Yes, you press 15 numbers and are redirected to the main menu, where you never speak with a sales representative. Individuals crave personal interaction in the marketplace. Consider strategies to give your business a more personal experience for your customers. Acquaint yourself with the folks who pass through your doors. Inform visitors to your website about who you are. True, it’s simpler to trust an individual than it is to trust a large impersonal corporation…and trust is critical when it comes to developing a pool of loyal customers.

3. Create a Visual Image
At long last, the end of a stressful week has arrived! As I close the doors to a still-cluttered office, my mind begins to wander to the several tasks that will require my attention this weekend. I wish I could simply escape the demanding voices…escape to the waters of the nearby lake. It would be lovely to flop across the back seat of a boat and watch the sea gulls dip and dive while the waves gently cradle me to sleep. Yes, I can practically hear their splashing as the clang of metal informs me that I’ve dropped my keys.

Arrange for your customers to board the boat. Yes, creating word pictures that evoke their emotions will be more powerful than simply stating the benefits of your product. Describe the benefits vividly and in great detail…make them salivate for the eventual outcome. You can paint your way to a sale by doing so!

Consider this…the three techniques discussed thus far all involve human emotions or behaviours, rather than your product itself. Yes, when we influence the customer’s inner self, our sales are likely to improve… and hey, they’ll feel good when they’re writing the check! What more could you possibly want?

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