8 December 2021

Three Elements That Contribute to the Success of Your Ad

When was the last time you purchased a motor vehicle? Were you truly in need of a car? I mean, do you REALLY require a vehicle? The automobile you were driving was probably still running when you purchased the one you now own. Indeed, Americans rarely purchase for the sake of necessity; rather, they purchase in order to experience the sensation associated with purchasing.

We take pleasure in making new purchases. While we can tell ourselves that we truly required a replacement, if we are completely honest, we will realize that we could have gotten by without it. What does this mean for the advertising campaign you’re running?

1. Describe Your Product’s or Service’s Advantages

Capitalize on the ways in which a customer’s purchase will improve his or her lifestyle. Will he double the revenues of his own business by 50%? Declare this in your sales letter’s opening sentence or at the top of your Web page.

Avoid becoming fixated on the product’s characteristics or on your own credibility. Customers, frankly, could care less. Let’s face it… they’re a little stingy with their hard-earned money. They only care about what’s in it for them.

2. Create a Word Picture That Allows Them to Visualize the Benefits

“Tomorrow, wake up without a boss! You can spend the day with your family or on the golf course… nobody is forcing you to do anything.”

A Multi-Level Marketer may like for his audience to experience the liberation that comes with having no one to answer to after they achieve success in the business. He’ll exaggerate that desire and place the listener in the driver’s seat, inspiring it to take hold until the listener is ready to sign up and begin.

3. Inspire Prompt Action

Let’s be honest… the longer a customer lolly, the more likely he will never take the plunge. Don’t let him off so lightly!

Establish a deadline. Increase the pressure to purchase immediately or risk missing out on the deal. The likelihood is that the procrastinator will comply simply to save a few dollars.

How about your promotional materials? Have you examined the products you are advertising closely? Ensure that your focus is on the benefits the consumer will receive from the purchase, not on the product or service’s attributes.


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