11 December 2021

The Quickest Way to Get is to Give

That is true. You cannot truly obtain what you desire in life unless you first offer it to others. Doesn’t seem very rational, does it? How can you offer if you don’t have anything to give? By opening your mind to the potential and asking yourself this question, you invite the opportunity to come to you and knock on your door. Then you will discover a way to give what you desire to others before receiving it yourself.

It nearly sounds like a chain letter, which it is in some ways. The chain letter is a satirical reference, as many of us have been exposed to them and are aware they are fraudulent. Nonetheless, the fundamental concepts are as follows: you give before you get, and you give with the intention of receiving. A contemporary parallel can be found in the film ‘Pay It Forward. By giving to others, you enable positive events to occur in your life. And it all comes down to the straightforward rule of attraction.

The law of attraction is similar to any other natural rule, such as gravity. And, like gravity, it has not been widely ‘found’ yet. As a result, the majority of us are operating within a profoundly dysfunctional paradigm.

Throughout history, disordered paradigms of thought have been demonstrated, and discoveries of natural laws and observations of reality have brought order to convert previously accepted false views. Numerous instances come to mind, such as the notion that the globe is flat or that we are at the centre of the universe. Or the profound changes that occurred as a result of the discovery of electricity and the subsequent harnessing of its natural power.

Similarly, we can alter our own faulty thought habits in a similar manner. Currently, 95% of us are probably dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction indicates that greater life is attempting to express itself through us and is being obstructed. Self-sabotage is a very real process that occurs in the subconscious mind’s invisible worlds.

The good news is that there are numerous basic, tiny, but effective ways you may use to reprogram your all-powerful unconscious mind and reorganize your life according to your wishes. Yes, there IS a method to bring order to your life, and it begins with you. It begins with eradicating the frequently hidden clutter within your own thoughts.

The approach described in this article is just one of a plethora of others that you can apply on a regular basis to significantly enhance your life. You will discover how to apply the law of attraction to attract what you desire in this post.

As with gravity, the law of attraction is unassailable. What you send out will attract what you receive. In the domain of attraction, your thoughts are real.

If your mind is resonating with anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, envy, grief, or any other bad emotion, you will attract more of the same.

One way to change this is to prioritize giving to others before receiving yourself. In this manner, you alter your vibration and attention. And you open yourself up to receive what you had before shut out.

It is quite easy to give. Contribute what you have, and everyone has something to contribute. We all have inherent worth to contribute to the world. A fundamental tenet of the law of attraction is to always offer an increase in value, to always give more in value than you receive in money. In this manner, you can continue to give more than you receive and attract a larger and more abundant life to yourself.

Consider looking within and locating something, anything, regardless of how tiny or simple, to give to anyone, friend or stranger. By beginning the practice of giving, you will take a step toward raising your vibration and increasing the worth of the things you attract into your life. Today, give something generously knowing that it will be repeated times in your life.

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