The Influential Leader


While leadership is typically associated with corporations, it is something that we should all aspire to cultivate in our lives.


Leadership is really valuable, but it is not straightforward or effortless. Indeed, to illustrate how difficult leadership can be, consider that many people – including those in leadership positions – have no notion how to be a leader.

We have an idea of what leadership entails, and it is frequently associated with being in command. This requires us to monitor our employees and to yell at them when they do anything wrong. Right?

This is the polar opposite of what a good leader should be. Numerous leaders make the error of believing that they should behave almost like parents – with their team as the children. That includes yelling at someone who does something wrong, enforcing rigid regulations, and adopting a what-I-say-goes attitude.

This is the polar opposite of the correct mindset! By approaching your leadership role in this manner, you effectively suffocate your team’s creativity and freedom of thought. As a result, they are significantly less likely to produce their finest work. This also implies they’re very likely to spend the most of their time stressed out and not doing their finest work. Indeed, this may finally result in their quitting…

What You’ll Learn

  • Who Should Be A Leader
  • Life Skill Vs Superpower
  • Leadership Outside Of Work Environments
  • What Makes A Good Leader
  • Communication Skills
  • Giving Instructions Without Demanding
  • Explaining The Why
  • Speak So Others Will Listen
  • Speaking Slowly & Leaving Silence
  • Speaking With And To Emotion
  • Knowing When To Be Still
  • Importance Of Emotional Intelligence
  • Why It’s Important To Know Your Team
  • Putting Your Team Together
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Team
  • How To Handle Difficult Team Members
  • Protection & Motivating Your Team
  • The Power Of Ownership
  • Give Others Freedom To Work On
  • How To Deal With Difficult Decisions
  • How To Stay Calm As A Leader
  • Challenges For Modern Leaders
  • And Much More!