Entrepreneur Disruption


Discover how to become a visionary entrepreneur and develop your own disruptive business ideas and products.


Have you ever wished to be a wealthy entrepreneur? Of developing a single novel concept that enables you to transform the world and amass incredible wealth in the process?

Consider how fantastic it would feel to benefit not only financially from a game-changing innovation, but also to have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve had a beneficial impact on humanity’s fate. Is it possible for a single man or woman to truly make a difference?

For business and technology, we are living in an enormously exciting period. Apart from that, I find it enormously rewarding and thrilling that earning money online is now attainable from anywhere in the world.

At the moment, technology such as the web and mobile phones are altering a plethora of industries in ways we could never have imagined or anticipated. And the future appears even more unbelievable.

The only thing standing in your way is a lack of understanding about how to accomplish it. You’re about to learn how to launch your own disruptive business concept with the potential to alter the world in a few simple steps. Are you prepared to completely transform your life?

The potential this creates for astute business are enormous, and if you’re ready to capitalise on the changing face of business and the economy, you may not only benefit handsomely but also help shape humanity’s future.

What You’ll Learn

  • What You Will Learn In This Book
  • Two Massive Opportunities
  • Social Media And The Sharing Economy
  • Crowdsourcing And Software-As-Service
  • Innovative Examples Of Crowdsourcing
  • Creating A Product As Service Business
  • Apps And More Opportunities
  • How To Stumble On Your Big Idea
  • Productizing A Service
  • Solving Your Pain Points
  • How To Identify A Need In A Market
  • How To Think Like An Entrepreneur
  • Creative Paradigm-Shifting Mindset
  • How To Become More Inventive And Creative
  • Can You Build Your Idea?
  • How To Theoretically Make Your Idea Happen
  • How To Create Your Own Mobile App
  • Creating Your Own Physical Product
  • Validating Your Idea
  • Does Your Innovation Work As A Business?
  • The Fail-Fast Mentality
  • Protecting Your Idea
  • How To Protect Your Intellectual Property
  • Funding Your Disruptive Business Idea
  • Crowdfunding & Other Sources Of Cash
  • Finding Investors
  • How To Market Something Entirely New
  • Consider A Slow Roll Out
  • Embrace Being Different
  • Explain Your Message
  • Finding Ambassadors
  • The Long Journey Ahead
  • And Much More!