Digital Nomad Secrets


Learn how to work remotely and travel the world at your leisure by breaking free from the conventional lifestyle.


We frequently have goals and plans to travel the world or to begin living a more engaged and rewarding lifestyle. However, all too frequently, those plans appear to be just out of grasp.

Perhaps we lack the financial means to travel. Perhaps we have too many duties and are unable to remove our children from employment. Perhaps we have advanced too far in our current positions. Perhaps we’re simply too exhausted, anxious, and sad to make the necessary changes in our lives.

Perhaps you work the job you do not because you are passionate about it or because it is exciting; rather, you work it because you wanted to generate money quickly and this was the first place you could do it.

Perhaps you intended to change occupations at some point, but then met and married your partner. Or perhaps you began climbing the career ladder and moved into rental housing. In either case, you now feel imprisoned. There is no escape route. And there is no way to live the fulfilling and adventurous life you’ve always desired.

However, every now and then, you may come across an image on Facebook, an advertisement, or a blog depicting folks who have found a way out of the rat race. Individuals that appear to spend the most of their time on stunning beaches, cocktails in hand. Individuals who are pursuing work they are passionate about and are rewarded for.

How? They established themselves as digital nomads. And you may do the same thing with this book.

In essence, becoming a digital nomad is your exit strategy. This is how you break out from the rat race and begin seeing the world. A digital nomad is someone who works online and uses this mode of job to travel, see the globe, and live an adventurous life.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction
  • What Is A Digital Nomad?
  • The Top Benefits Of Being A Digital Nomad
  • Unchain Yourself
  • The Cognitive Shift: Lifestyle Design
  • An Introduction To Lifestyle Design
  • Preparing For Your Journey
  • Go Online For Remote Jobs
  • Find Another Job
  • Find Your Own Work
  • Start Your Own Online Business
  • Earning Money As A Freelancer
  • Selling Services
  • Creating Passive Income
  • Creating Content
  • Taking Your Work On The Road
  • Gear For Working On The Road
  • The Art Of Working Out Of Cafes
  • Getting All Your Ducks In A Row
  • Your Travel Kit Bag
  • Documents And Practical Considerations
  • Preparing Your Finances
  • Ignoring The Urge To Procrastinate
  • How To Balance Work And Play
  • The Drawbacks Of A Nomadic Lifestyle
  • The Struggles Of Being A Nomad
  • Compromise Solutions
  • Are You Ready For The Journey Of A Lifetime?
  • Conclusions And Closing Comments
  • And Much More!