Small businesses are often set out to their selected markets fueled by enough positivity and enthusiasm. This might take them so far, but in order to truly succeed in a highly competitive market, it is highly imperative to have a tangible and long term plan for business growth in place.

If you own a business in the UK, the following are powerful and winning strategies that you can take to accelerate your business’s growth and achieve long-term success:

Market Penetration

This aims to increase the market share for an existing product or promote a new product successfully. Some useful and effective strategies include advertising, bundling items to attractive and saleable packages, offering discounts on high quantity orders, and lowering the prices to beat the competition.

Though somewhat unappealing, lowering prices is said to be an effective short-term expansion business strategy, especially those selling products the same as the products offered by their competitors. If you cannot improve or increase your product range and you need to continue promoting existing products, it is necessary to make the products attractive by pairing them with complementary products in a single package or offering bargains on bulk buy.

Market Development

Market development strategy refers to the promotion of existing services and products to new clients. It could also mean launching these to the newest geographical areas.  It may be that your standard market has been struggling to draw in new clients or customers in your locality, or the usual market has been completely saturated.

Profits and sales tend to suffer unless the business finds the newest markets for its products. A larger-scale sample of this will be leading to bigger companies that expanded to international markets successfully with attractive and original marketing campaigns.

Budgets for small businesses might not be comparable, but it’s definitely possible to find the newest uses of current items or to branch out to the same markets.

Alternative Channels

Making use of alternative channels is proven to be one of the best strategies to grow your business. Numerous businesses utilise more than one web-based platform in marketing; however, at times, switching platforms guarantee better results.

The leading marketing channels are social media, business websites, and email marketing. Many businesses nowadays have been using email and social media. Even if you are just starting out or you are just running a small business, for now, make sure that you have your own website. According to experts, customers are now looking for a business site, at least for informational purposes.

For offline businesses, it is about time to launch an official website with online products to gain national or even international reach. Trends in UK business in recent years revealed that offline, as well as an online presence, could result in optimum business growth. Nevertheless, it would still be best to operate mainly online because this is where millions of potential customers are lurking most of the time.

Though you have a small business, if you have the right and quality products, you will certainly benefit from utilising alternative channels. Channels that are commonly used are Google Ads, including pay per click advertising, email marketing, Facebook, and remarketing. If you aren’t familiar with the last one, remarketing is actually an email-based, and this is about the collection of information of users for list creation. Such a list will then be used for promotional emails in the future.

Product Expansion

Small businesses can greatly benefit from product expansion or the addition of the newest features to make it appealing to the existing markets. You might experience a lull in your profits and sales because of outdated technology or due to outmoded products. If this is the case, expanding your product line is necessary. Keep in mind that businesses with products that do not hit targets anymore can truly benefit from product expansion, but pre-expansion is the key to prevent failures.

Market Segmentation

Another winning strategy that can accelerate the growth of your small business is market segmentation. This means dividing the market to various segments or groups based on the locations, interests, and preferences of customers and more other characteristics.  You can, therefore, make targeted campaigns based on particular variables with the help of these segments. These will give your campaigns a high chance of success. The common segments are demographic, geographic, behavioural, psychographic, and firmographic.

Segmentation is considered a business strategy often employed by businesses like clothing companies, media outlets, cosmetics suppliers, and banks. If your services or product range is diverse in any way, you can certainly benefit from market segmentation. This includes thorough research to profile your customers efficiently and to tailor your content accordingly. If you capture the details by means of email surveys, site analytics, and purchase history can be a good start.

However, there are marketing managers who admit that they are struggling with the interpretation of market segmentation solutions, which are data-driven, reducing the complexity of this business strategy that might appeal to you. If that’s the case, there’s a convenient market segmentation method available for you, known as Customer Relationship Management (or CRM). This is also a tool that helps in optimising your segmentation without any difficulty, saving you lots of your energy and precious time.


Some times partnering with other businesses can be a viable strategy to grow your small business. You may choose to do partnerships through acquisitions or mergers. As long as arrangements deliver benefits to all the parties involved, partnerships can be winning business strategies that can boost your resources and your business in great ways.

Depending on the type of business, possibilities may include additional resources in terms of knowledge, skills set, technology, equipment, manpower, and more. Through partnerships, you can also gain new access to markets and customer base. But if you choose to go down this route, be very cautious when having contracts in place to ensure that your business is protected come what may.

These are the recommended powerful business strategies to grow your small business. Remember that well-executed business strategies can guarantee your ultimate business success. Put these strategies into practice, and you will surely reap the rewards later on.