18 November 2021

Keep Your Customers Coming Back by ‘Dating’ Them

The client is always correct in business – occasionally befuddled, ignorant, nasty, stubborn, and changeable, but never wrong. Have you ever dated someone like that?

Customers are the cause for your company’s existence. There is no business without them, no matter what you do.

As a result, you should approach customer service in the same manner as you would a date. Nurture it with excellent practices and constant attention. Each date builds upon the one before it. Each sale contributes to customer retention in the same way.

So, here are some easy ideas for “dating” your consumer and improving your business connections.

  • Astound your clients with your service. Treating all of your clients well, but not necessarily in the same way, is the secret to successful customer service. Individualize your response to their needs. While one consumer may require a great deal of assistance and attention, another may prefer the quiet of browsing alone.
  • Emphasize service over sales to anticipate your clients’ demands. Service that is good sells. But pushy service people who are always trying to sell more can be a major turnoff to all customers.
  • Treat your customers well by being a problem solver. If you can’t help the customer, help him or her find someone who can. Customers appreciate your help – even when you aren’t directly profiting from a sale. Just consider it an investment. They’ll appreciate the advice and remember your business the next time they need your goods or services.
  • Innovate by understanding that most rules should be flexible. Don’t ever say, “No, that’s against the rules,” to a customer who’s making a reasonable request. Your main rule – one that should never be compromised – is to keep your customers happy and satisfied.
  • Nurture your employees by giving them the care and respect that you want them to give your customers. If you treat them well, your employees will be great ambassadors of service. If you treat them poorly, they’ll treat your customers badly in turn.
  • Guarantee that your customers keep coming back. Have a great customer service plan and post it in a central location for all to see. Once employees understand the importance of great customer service, you will have customers returning over and over.
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