3 December 2021

How to Use Social Media to Increase Customer Engagement and Business Growth

Millions of individuals all over the world are now using social media. It’s even projected to reach millions since active users are rapidly increasing every month. Whether for personal or business use, a big part of the world population is now dominated by social media.

 In the UK and many other parts of the world, individuals realized the real significance of social media in the business world. This simply means that if you own a business and you don’t consider establishing a strong brand presence online, particularly in social media, then you are losing a lot of opportunities. Customers will be choosing and doing business with your competitors.

These details seem intriguing to me and to other modern-day owners of businesses. I really never did question the power of social media presence. Still, there is this desire to dive deeper into the realm in order to figure out how social media can help grow a business and how to take advantage of it fully. However, I felt trapped with the overwhelming information about tricks, tips, how-tos, and business strategies being showcased left and right.

With Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, it’s somewhat obvious that many brands are still struggling to identify the most viable and profitable social media strategy that they can use for their businesses. These also include blogs and videos as online marketing options nowadays.

Here are the suggested ways on how to use social media to fuel growth and success to your business:

  • Consider Investing on Paid Ads

Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook provide options to place your advertisements on these platforms to generate more new leads and build awareness. You can also make highly targeted ads resonating with your targeted audience.  You can customize your ads depending on the age, geographic location, gender, and preferences of your audience.

If you do not target a specific audience, then this can result to wasting money on people who are not really interested in your offers. By means of sharing your messages with people who will likely need your products or services, you can actually make the most of your advertisement spend and then increase your chance to get conversions.

If prospects are a good match with your business or your company, they will likely click your ads and will be directed to your website. As soon as they’re on your site, they might proceed to your product page and might start contacting you.

  • Improve Ranking on Search Engine

There’s a great deal of discussion around this subject. However, the main concern is this: online networking can improve your ranking on the search engine.

How is that so? The domain authority of your site increases when the share rate on social media also increases. This results in your page’s more improved ranking on the search engine.

However, it’s something beyond that. Numerous shoppers visit your social media profiles before they proceed to your site to improve their understanding of your product or brand before they buy.

More visits to your profiles on social media will support your online ranking and get the chance to appear on top ranking pages.

  • Drive Traffic

Businesses generally use social media to increase their website traffic. We have learned that there is even a theory to support this, and it has been found out that a high percentage of businesses, including small ones, make use of social media in increasing website traffic.

In case you don’t have a solid social media presence, you’re missing out on organically-generated website traffic. This implies that your traffic is produced from a similarly limited number of individuals who are currently following you.

This is a bad and impractical notion. You have to extend your brand reach if you are aiming for more traffic. So how can you really generate traffic? What could be the best way?

To start with, make an impressive business profile on every relevant social media platform. At that point, leverage on these online platforms by means of sharing personalized content to every one of them. A powerful and effective presence on social media will urge your supporters to go into your lead funnel and reach your product buying page eventually.

Second, ensure that you make it easier for the crowds or the audience to share your great content with the aid of the sharing buttons displayed on your site predominantly.

Furthermore, you can add some special features such as Click to Tweet on an interesting quote, statistics and relevant information to make it easy to share. Now, it would be just one click away from readers and online users to share your content.

  • Establish Brand Recognition

For any independent business venture, bringing issues to light is a top objective. This is normally the situation since we realize that individuals like to buy from brands that they recognize. This is actually where social media comes in.

When being compared to traditional media, social media can place your brand before your targeted audience in quicker and simpler ways. Additionally, it gets your audience to consider your business.

Make it a point to invest your effort and time to create relevant content and then posting them, covering images and profile pictures on social media. Position your logo strategically so that it will leave long-lasting and positive impacts in the minds of your customers and prospects.

Try not to put your logo in a spot that will either be diverting or overpowering. Likewise, remember to concentrate on the visual components of your brand.

These are just a few of the many ways on how you can use social media to attract more customers and grow your business. If you are not using social media, it is about time to do so because this is an excellent platform that can help you achieve your business goals in no time. Social media can be of great help when it comes to marketing, and by leveraging on its power, you can always expect profitable outcomes. However, you have to make sure that you use this platform the right way to gain the desired business results.  

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