15 December 2021

How to Use Social Media Effectively in Business

Social media had been one of the most excellent tools brought by digital technology.  Aside from being able to communicate with our friends and family personally, this tool had also brought us new means to use it for our business. It holds an essential role in marketing primarily through the online world. You may have probably seen small businesses having at least an account for every social media platform. While getting one for each might help, the question is, are you using it effectively?

How to Take Advantage of Social Media Effectiveness

Which social media networks are popularly used in the UK? If you answer Facebook, that is correct and mind you; there several social media networks that the majority of your target audience is using. So, don’t miss this excellent opportunity to get nearer to your audience, find ways on how you can improve your marketing strategies.

We already know that social media is a useful tool for your business’ marketing strategy, but are you using it properly? If not, your business might not be receiving the full benefits that it can get from social media. Don’t worry, because I have prepared this article that will particularly address your social media concerns. To help you more, here are the following ways on how you can take advantage of social media effectiveness:

  1. Be relevant and useful with the help of social media

How are you going to keep your business can be relevant and relevant? Well, you can easily make it happen by getting updated with the trends and the popular social media networks in the UK. Among the most popularly used are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you don’t have an account yet from some of them, by all means, you need to create one. You should also know some of the tips on how you can improve on this. Here are some tips that you can apply for the following social media networks:

  • Instagram – this photo-sharing network is perfect for showing your audience about your company’s personality. You can also stylize photos to highlight the property, the company’s fantastic staging effort, and community activities. You can also upload pictures of the neighbourhoods where your building is located.


  • Twitter– This social media network is best used to let your users know about open houses, properties, and other company announcements. Mainly used as a broadcast tool, Twitter gives you limited characters to broadcast your message on their platform. So remember to be brief and vary them to avoid getting things redundant.
  • Pinterest – if you wanted to show your audience the ways how your company does things or functions, you can all show it here on this social media network. Don’t forget to choose an attention-worthy-clickable image on this site.


  • LinkedIn – use this network to find employees and other professionals that will empower your company. This is also a great place for you or your company’s expertise and even builds credibility. This site also includes a blogging platform where you can show your thought leadership as well as learn more from other professionals in the same field.


  • Facebook – almost 55% of people in the UK gave a “thumbs up” for this social media network. This makes it the most popular and highly famous network among the others mentioned above. If you wanted to stay in touch with your target audience, then this is the best social media network for you. Set up your official fan page dedicated to your business together with your logo and cover image. While you are allowed to share your business posts in your account, it is never advisable that you make these business posts on your page. This is the reason why we advise you to create a page dedicated only to the business.


  1. Find the best way to schedule your posts

While there is not much of a hassle if you were to post content for one social media network, things will change once you are already managing multiple pages or accounts. To be effective in scheduling posts, you can either create an editorial calendar or subscribe to particular software. For the editorial calendar, you cause Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets and structure it with columns for the content to b uploaded, the link, and also which social media network should it be scheduled.

If you wanted to use the software, that would also be a great idea as it offers a dashboard option for easy tracking. Depending on the subscription that you choose, some software also includes social media analytics. This detailed analytics will significantly help you to know if your content was able to gain a large engagement or not.

  1. Don’t forget the social media’s general pillars

To make sure that you are posting relevant content to your company’s social media account, it would greatly help you check on and consider the following general pillars whenever you are scheduling a post in any social media network:

  • Accuracy – before hitting “schedule” for every post, make sure that you double-check on it for typos and other inaccuracies. It would also be great if you view the published item to ensure that the content or image is displayed correctly.


  • Relevance – never get tempted to just post and post that is irrelevant to your company or the industry that you are with. Make sure that in every content that you post, it is something relevant to your company, and it is valuable to your audience. Even if your audience have just read, seen, and engage in the content without even reaching a sale, it is still okay. Remember that your audience engagement to the content is already proof that you are reaching your audience. Even if the engagement does not reach sales, it is still okay. Who knows the sale that you are waiting for will happen the next day?


  • Positivity – the online world is already filled with negativity; don’t ever add to this negativity. Thus, post positivity. Never bash your competitor and post other pieces of stuff that will just add negativity to the online world. Even the smallest things that bring good vibes in your company, you can go ahead and post it. Even in these simple ways, it will fuel up a good engagement among your audience.


  • Personality – social media gives you an excellent opportunity to show your audience and the world that your company is unique. Show them that you are compassionate, fun, and other qualities that will show your company’s principles. Even the simplest images can already mean a thousand words.

Let your target audience and the whole world who your company is and what you do – follow the above ways on how to take advantage of social media effectiveness and expect for more exceptional results.

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