e-Commerce is creating a big impact in the business world.  Well, who wouldn’t find it convenient when for only a single click, your food, gadget, item, and more will be delivered right to your doorstep? Big credit to the technology we have right now, that almost everything we want is already there. Not only for making our life easier in purchasing things, but online is also the new way of businesses to introduce and sell their products. This is also called the e-commerce business.

For a quick intro, e-commerce or electronic commerce is the purchasing and selling of products with the use of the internet. It is also often stated as a commercial transaction that happens online. As of today, putting your business online are one great way to introduce and gain customers. You can also earn big if you put your business into e-commerce, making it more accessible and reachable to your customers.

Starting Your Business In e-Commerce

To be able for you to start your e-Commerce business, the step-by-step guide written below is the things that you should take a look at.

  • Identify Your Business Model In E-Commerce

Since you are nowhere, I assume that you already have an idea of what you are doing like, what are you selling for, and who is your target buyers? But to be able to develop your ideas, you also need to know the foundation of your business. Your business model could be:

  • Business-to-Business. This one is selling your goods into or directly to another business.
  • Business-to-Consumer. This is the most common in e-commerce, which is selling your product or business online to individuals.
  • Consumer-to-Consumer. This type of e-commerce is an online transaction between the two consumers.
  • Consumer-to-Business. This type of e-commerce model is for the consumers that give a service for a business.

Identifying your business model is essential because it is your first step in achieving your success in e-commerce business.

  • Choose Your Value Delivery Method

The value delivery method is the engine that you choose. This is used for you to be connected with your customers and for your products to be sold.

  • Make A Research

The next step that you should do is to accumulate mire information that will best help your niche. By making a research, you need to find about these succeeding things:

    • Your Possible Competitor

You have a competitor in the product or business, the same as you are great. As it can be a great advantage for you making your business exploit a gap to the others. Your research will be on things such as; What do they do, what offers do they don’t offer, what can you do better than them?

    • Your Target Audience

You also need to get to know our target audience. What or who does your product will use or need it. By searching for your target audience, this will be easy for you to market your product.

    • Your Possible Supplier

Your e-commerce will not be set-up if you don’t have a proper supplier. Looking or having a possible supplier will help you save time and cost.

    • Your Product

When you have a permanent supplier, you do also need to have a specific item that you will avail of. A product that your users or customers will also avail.

  • Make An Ecommerce Business Plan

The business plan will be the blueprint of your mission and vision for your business. This will serve as your guide in achieving your plan.

  • Pick A Legal Status For Your Business

Get your new eCommerce business into legal. Like if your business will be in the UK, you need to register into the government. There are some options that you can choose to be able to register your business, such as:

  • Sole trader. You alone will be the only liable to both the profit and losses.
  • You have a partner, or your business is a share management type with another person
  • Limited Liability Partnership. This is a type of partnership wherein the company and the finances are in two different entities.
  • Limited Liability company. This is for a private company business in which the shareholder assets are being protected. The shareholder has limited liability to its company creditors for what they have only invested.


  • Put Your Company Name Registered

Before putting your business to be legal into the government, it is best that you already know your business or company name. A logo design would also be essential as it will serve as the branding of your business.

  • Now You Can Build Your Ecommerce Online Shop

This process is a bit crucial to the building because this will be served as your market place. This is the site that you will find your possible customer, and how you will convince them to buy your product.

  • Start Taking Payments

If you already have the website and you are also ready for selling, you should also have the terms in payment. The terms that your customer will do to be able to pay on their purchased item on your website.

  • Market Your Business

Now that your website is all set, it is the best time also to let people know your website. Promoting your website is the next step that you should do. Making sure that there will be people who will visit and also will purchase on what products or items you are selling to.

Hooray! If you are already done all the things that you have to do in starting your eCommerce website. You are now a certified e-Commerce business owner. Inclined with that, there are certain things that you should remember. You also need to be handed on to your business. Update it from time-to-time to also recruit more people and potential customers.

Overall, Starting an e-Commerce business nowadays is an excellent idea for you to make your product available to more customers. Also, as we are in a digital era that online shopping is in demand. The only thing that you should do is to how to make your customer stays to you, with the high competition in eCommerce today.