3 December 2021

Five Lessons I Learned While Observing a Master Violinist About Starting a Home Based Business

Have you ever had an epiphany that your perception of something would never be the same again? That is precisely what occurred when I visited BB Kings Restaurant to socialize and listen to a violinist perform for an impending CD release.

To my amazement, I went away with five lessons that I may apply to advance my home-based business. Moments after world-renowned jazz violinist Karen Briggs (previously of Yani) took the stage, the Tony Buzan quote reverberated in my thoughts.

“Whatever your discipline, strive to be an all-around excellent student. Take every chance to examine those who exemplify mastery.”

Here are some lessons I learned that you may apply to successfully start a home-based business.

  1. By modifying an idea or business by 10%, you can become a leader in your field. Although Ms. Briggs is not the only violinist, she was one of the first to be dubbed a “Jazz Violinist.” She used traditional classical music and infused it with jazz to create her own style. By doing so, she amassed a wealth. Similarly, you can do so. Choose a work-at-home business that you enjoy, add your own flair, and establish yourself as an expert.
  2. Exceed your consumers’ expectations and you will earn devoted admirers. The show was scheduled to last 90 minutes. However, when Ms. Briggs surprised us with a 45-minute jam session, everyone was taken aback. When you promise less and offer more, you will develop raving followers who will spread the word about your brand. A referral is the greatest form of flattery. (By the way, I strongly advise you to see her.)
  3. When you are functioning in your unique skill, it will appear to others that you are doing so effortlessly. Ms. Briggs was in complete control of her instrument. As a former musician, I can attest that the violin is not an easy instrument to master if one lacks the necessary ability or mindset. When a talent or gift is inherent, however, your presentation appears natural and effortless to others.

The majority of individuals spend their lives searching for the “magic bullet” to wealth creation. And the truth is that if you examine your strengths and talents, you will discover that your million-dollar idea is a natural part of you. If you’re not sure what it is, consider the activities you engage in that appears to be effortless for you but challenging for others. When combined with dedication and commitment, your unique talent will be unstoppable. Unleash your abilities and learn how to convert them into a lucrative work at home opportunity.

  1. When you are a master of your craft, others will pay for it, and you set your own price. Being an expert in business is comparable to being a highly compensated artist. When you possess specific information or a skill, individuals are prepared to pay a premium for access to it.
  2. Surround yourself with talented and helpful others, and together you can achieve greater success. Ms. Briggs was surrounded by a band, and their support allowed her talents to shine even brighter. Nobody achieves success on their own. Assemble a team of people who will help you in your business. Consider establishing a Mastermind Group.

If you are beginning or growing a home-based business, incorporate one or more of these principles into your operation and watch it develop. I am constantly impressed at how lessons about success are all around us if we keep our minds open and our ears open. When implemented, these teachings will sound like music to your ears.

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