13 December 2021

EBooks: The Ins and Outs

Are you considering producing and publishing an eBook but are unsure where to begin? Without a doubt, publishing an eBook is an excellent marketing strategy. It increases your reputation while also helping you create your brand and raise exposure for your firm. So where do you begin when writing and publishing an eBook?

Traditionally Published or Self-Published?

In the majority of cases, business owners choose self-publishing. When you self-publish, you have complete control over the process, from obtaining an ISBN number and designing the book’s cover to writing and editing the book’s content. Traditionally published novels require you to convince a publisher, such as Random House, that your book will sell well and is distinctive in its subject and approach.

They enter into an agreement with you to publish your book. Generally, you receive an advance plus a portion of sales. They have complete control over the editing process as well as the book’s look. To answer your question, yes, a growing number of conventional publishers are now offering eBooks. Additionally, they facilitate distribution to bookstores and, in some situations, may assist in promoting your book. If you choose self-publishing, you will be in charge of distribution to outlets and will retain the majority of revenues.


If you decide to self-publish, the one obstacle that may feel daunting is the distribution hurdle. How can you distribute your eBook through online book retailers? The solution is not nearly as intimidating as you would believe.

For instance, you can open a seller account on Amazon’s Kindle and immediately upload a book. Within a day or two, your book will appear in Amazon’s Kindle store, and you may begin selling. Similarly, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other online book retailers follow the same policy. Each store has its own process for formatting and uploading your book. The procedure is simple in general, and you may have a book uploaded and ready to sell within a day or two.


Smashwords is an eBook distribution service that helps you release your book to a number of book retailers, distributors, and libraries, including iBooks and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, they facilitate presales, allowing you to generate awareness for your book prior to its release.

Due to the fact that they distribute to a large number of book stores and libraries, their formatting requirements are slightly more onerous than those for uploading your book to a single book store. They do, however, offer a free formatting guide and can provide you with a list of book formatters that are knowledgeable with the standards and are willing to manage the process for a reasonable charge.

Promoting, Marketing, and Sales

Whether you publish your book traditionally or independently, and whether you sell it exclusively online or in stores, the duty for marketing and promotion is entirely yours. Utilize your resources and your knowledge of marketing to promote your book. The difficult part has already been completed – the writing.

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