I browsed the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Searched for the definition of the term “crisis” and found out that it refers to the time when people need to create important or difficult decisions.

If you consider the impact of COVID-19 to most countries, both developed and developing, ordinary individuals and business owners are currently dealing with a difficult situation.

For the past months, I encounter a lot of adjustments as an individual and a business owner. I know most of us (business owners) are currently experiencing uncertainty, shifting strategies, and the need to work from home.

As a business owner, I am still looking for effective ways for my business to adapt to the new normal amidst this pandemic. My venture went through a lot of adjustments. I personally defined the new normal as the need to shift in plans, resources, and investment in different techniques. I need to rewrite all my marketing playbooks.

While we’re experiencing this crisis, we should do something to prevent our business from falling. In connection to that, I found various social and digital channels as a great help to engage with my current and potential clients, just like how I entertain my customers personally.

In this post, I am going to share with you the different business strategies I used to make sure that my venture is running properly amidst of this pandemic. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Know the Competition

I start by knowing who and what my competitors are. Through this, I identified the products and services they offer. So, I come up with a venture offering a business that will stand out on the market. Following this step will help you to sell your products and services to a wide range of markets. Also, know the advantages and disadvantages of your competitor, and turn it into your strength.


This is very self-explanatory. During this pandemic, communication is important. Communicate with your team just like on how you engage with them personally. I consider this as the most crucial strategy when running a business.

There are lots of social media platforms that you can use to keep communication with your employees going. These will help you a lot to enforce new actions and policies. Not only that, but you also need to reinforce your commitment to protecting your business as well as your workers.

Be Better and Faster

You can adapt the benefits of the technology and digital economy by providing better and faster usage of important details. I recommend you to identify and understand the experiences and journeys of your customers related to optimisations, identifying wastes, and potentiality to create a collaboration.

Since we are now experiencing a big problem in the economy, you need to focus your attention to re-draw the possible experience of your customer. This will help you to find new opportunities to get success in the industry you chose.

Engage with your Customers

It cannot be denied how anxious, unsure, and worried about enterprises and consumers around the globe. I think this is the right time for you to engage with your customers. Show them that you care. You should not focus on selling your products, but also be an entrepreneur with a good ear that is always ready to listen.

By engaging with your clients, it will help you to create a much stronger relationship between them. You will understand more about their concerns so that you can adjust your products and services according to their needs and requirements.

In the next steps, I am going to share with you how to connect your business to a wide range of customers around the world during COVID-19.

Create a Business Google Account

I personally use this step from the start of this crisis. We cannot deny that some business owners decided to close their business after the outbreak of the coronavirus. In connection to that, many consumers start to use the online world to browse the products and services that can satisfy their needs and wants.

If you want to run your business without going to the office personally, I recommend you to use the GMB (Google My Business). This platform had helped my venture to maintain its visibility and connection to the market. Through online, you can advertise your business to a wide range of people with ease and convenience.

Post Your Business Information on Social Media

According to a research, a person usually spends more than two hours daily in browsing the internet. But since people are quarantined, there’s a high chance for them to spend a more extended time using the various social media platforms. What I want to relay is that business owners can use the power of social media to keep their venture running.

Facebook and Instagram are the most used type of social media platform. You can use it as an advantage to increase the popularity of your business despite COVID-19. These two mentioned platforms offer different tools that will enable you to engage with your clients.

You can create valuable content and post it on your preferred platform. Through this, you can reach a wide range of users around the world with ease and convenience. Not only that, using social media platforms is the most inexpensive and easiest way to promote your business.

Use Email Marketing Campaigns

I cannot deny that email marketing is still at the top list of the most effective marketing channel aside from affiliate, SEO, and social media marketing. Similar to social media marketing it enables you to reach customers around the world. To use this effectively, you need to create a good looking email with a meaningful content.


The pandemic teaches us to be more flexible and pushes us to our limits. As an entrepreneur, this is a great challenge for us. But, by following the right business strategies, anyone can cope up with this problem and keep their business running. Consider the tips I mentioned above and run your business successfully despite this pandemic.