24 November 2021

5 Reasons Why a Self-Employed Professional Should Take Time Off

So you believe that spending time away from your business isn’t justified since you’re self-employed? Here are five compelling reasons to take a trip right now:

A period of physical rest

You put forth a lot of effort to expand and sustain your company. If you allow it, attempting to be superhuman will take its toll. Take some R&R to give your body a break.

Relaxation time for the mind

Your days are jam-packed with active, sometimes even frenetic, day-to-day business operations. If you don’t give yourself permission to step away from it every now and then, your mental health and overall well-being will suffer. Get outside and have some fun. Your mind will be grateful!

Spend time with family and friends

Your family and friends see you working, working, working, with little time to breathe in between. You and they will both appreciate the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Travel the globe (or just your own backyard)

The key thing is to do something you enjoy, whether it’s travelling or spending time at home if travelling isn’t your cup of tea or you don’t have the budget for it. This may be more difficult if you also work from home. The secret is to avoid going into the office during your vacation. Make an effort to be inventive with this. Close the door and put a sign on it to make your workplace “off-limits.” Do whatever it takes to divert your attention away from your work. What about taking up a new pastime or going on a day trip to the beach? Consider what you can do that is enjoyable within your budget. Alternatively, do nothing at all!

You’ve got a life

Despite the fact that this is a no-brainer, I’m surprised at how few small business entrepreneurs believe they deserve time off. There is simply too much to do, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete it all. I’ve got some bad news for you. That’s the way it’ll always be! Only you have the authority to give yourself a break. Even if you choose to take a day or two off here and there rather than a week-long (or longer) vacation every year, it’s still preferable to never take time off. Take regular vacation time, and you’ll feel better about yourself and your job. You’ll feel better, too!

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