2 December 2021

5 Amazing Job Search Techniques

You’ve advertised on every employment board on the internet and on Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs. You’ve made follow-up calls and networked till your face is blue. Each Sunday, you pick up the newspaper and apply for every position available in your field, with little to no success. Alternatively, you may try some unconventional methods of job hunting.

Send Half of Your Curriculum Vitae

Locate a firm with whom you wish to work. Create an excellent cover letter outlining why you are a good fit for the position, referencing the accompanying CV. Avoid sealing the envelope and enclosing a resume. They’ll believe the resume was misplaced in the mail. They will contact you and initiate a dialogue. Sell yourself without embarrassment.

Create A Letter Of Inquiry

Utilize the direct mail’s effectiveness. Identify five to ten businesses. Write a letter to your network of contacts, inquiring whether they know anyone who works at any of the companies on your list. When a contact indicates that they know someone on your list, give them your CV and request that they transfer it to their contact or that you send it yourself.

Chain Email

Create a list of twenty companies for which you’d like to work and send an email to everyone you know asking if they know anyone who works there. If they do, request that they contact you so that you can request a reference. Finally, request that they forward your email to ten other recipients. However, refrain from doing so if you are currently working!

Distribute An Informational Booklet

Create a brochure with information about your industry and distribute it. Everybody appreciates free knowledge, and this indicates your proficiency. Distribute the pamphlet electronically and promote it on newsgroups where hiring managers congregate.

Inquire with Human Resources

That seems insane, doesn’t it? Make an appointment with the human resources department. Inquire about their usage of an outside agency or third-party recruiting firm. They will inquire as to why you wish to know. Inform them that their company is not currently searching for someone with your skillset and that you are seeking a reference. The agency may be working with other firms. They may very well want an interview with you. If not, at the very least you receive a lead. They’d give anything to avoid paying the agency fees. Additionally, being suggested garners additional attention. Send them a note of appreciation.

These are guerrilla tactics that may result in more success. Maintain a toned physique for additional five inventive tips.

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