20 November 2021

3 Ways to Find a Job in the Executive Sector More Quickly

Have you run across a roadblock in your job search?

For example, what if you don’t have any networking contacts? Or do you have a hard time answering interview questions?

Well, you’re not alone. Job hunting issues are as ubiquitous as bugs in July.

However, have you ever put down your issue on a piece of paper?

I’m guessing you haven’t.

Because when you write them down, you take a giant step toward solving them right away. Consider this: From the atomic bomb to the Xbox, every great invention or solution was initially conceived on paper.

Why not use the same logic in your job search?

Here’s a three-step strategy to get you started…

Begin by asking the appropriate questions

Most people put themselves at a disadvantage in their job search by asking negative and demotivating questions.

Why won’t anyone give me a job, for example? or How do I make connections if I don’t know anyone?

Ack. Please hand over the joyful pills.

Start asking yourself questions that excite and inspire you instead.

The following are some better questions to ponder:

  • How could I get folks to call me with employment openings?
  • What methods did my ten closest friends use to acquire their current jobs? How could I collaborate with them and employ their strategies in my job search?
  • What worked for me during my previous job search? Have you ever gone through a job hunt before? I’m not sure I could do that again.

Important: Only ask questions that you can answer. Never rely on the government, your school, your parents, your family, or anybody else to help you with this. Because the moment you relinquish control over your job hunt (or anything else), you become a prisoner of forces beyond your control.

However, if you ask the appropriate questions, you’ll be halfway there. So, right now, jot down at least five empowering job-search questions.

Then you’re ready to move on to step two…

Make a list of at least 20 possible responses

After you’ve written down five good questions, circle the one that appears to have the most potential. You’re planning to use it to speed up the hiring process.

Let’s pretend you’re writing the following question on a blank sheet of paper:

How could I get individuals to call me with employment openings?

Below it, write a number one. Next to the number, write a probable answer. Then continue on to numbers two and three. and don’t stop until you’ve collected at least 20 responses to your question

Not 15, 19, or even 20, but at least 20.

This is for a good reason: If left to its own ways, your brain will pull a Homer Simpson and try to persuade you to go out for doughnuts or alcohol after two minutes. Brains despise having to think. No matter how wonderful it is for you, thinking is a rigorous effort, much like bench pressing.

But don’t let go of your responsibilities. Don’t stop until you’ve come up with a total of 20 possible solutions. Consider your options as though your job was on the line. It does, after all.

Now. It’s fine if the majority of your 20 responses aren’t particularly good. Your best response might come soon after the most baffling. You’re flushing the creative pipelines while digging deep into your subconscious mind to find a winner by forcing yourself to write down 20 replies.

Don’t dismiss it until you’ve given it a shot!

Take immediate action on one of the solutions

From your choice of 20 options, pick the one that seems most promising. Then get started — right now — on making it a reality. There are no justifications.

Let’s assume the most practical of your suggestions is to hold a networking party where you may meet up with friends, relatives, and acquaintances and inform them of your job quest.

Now. What do you need to do in order for this celebration to take place?

So, you’ll have to prepare a guest list, send invitations, order meals, and so on. So make a list of all the sub-goals that are required for the party to be a success. As you finish each sub-goal, cross it off your list. Your networking party will be a reality before you realize it.

Then, from your selection of 20, choose the next most-promising solution and put it into action. Rep till you’ve landed a job.

Here’s why these three phases work when it comes to problem-solving: clear thought combined with consistent action equals results.

If you’re having trouble finding work, make a list of specific, empowering questions about your situation. Then, come up with at least 20 potential solutions and act on the best one today. When you do, you’ll be that much closer to landing the job you really want, and you’ll be able to do it much faster.

Now it’s up to you to make your own luck!

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