4 December 2021

3 “No-Sweat” Techniques That Prevent Customer Purchase Objections

There are numerous rationalizations for why people do not purchase. Perhaps you’ve heard some of them: it’s too pricey, it’s not at the top of my “must-have” list at the moment, or even when a deal appears to be too good to be true… it is. Customer objections are more amenable to resolution than you would believe. Consider three straightforward strategies for eliminating those objections.

  1. It’s too expensive.
    Do not be duped! The majority of your consumers can obtain the funds necessary to purchase the goods… it is not a matter of having sufficient funds. Let’s face it… what they’re really saying is that they can get a better deal or a better value for their money somewhere else.

Now, resist the impulse to slash your rates to “rock bottom” levels simply because they complain it’s too expensive. There are methods for eliminating these obstacles without jeopardizing your revenues!

Make it appear as though you’re getting a better deal. That is, take a close look at your goods. How may perceived value be increased? Perhaps you can include a manual, a CD, or a downloaded book containing product information. Allow them to believe they are getting a better deal, and the deal appears far sweeter to them.

Consider this… we all anticipate paying a premium when we consult a specialist. While Wal-Mart is excellent for generic products, when we want something from an expert, we head to a market “specialist”… and expect to pay a bit more as part of the bargain.

How do you establish yourself as a specialist who commands respect and can justify somewhat higher prices?

” Identify and address market niches. Hey, if you look closely, you’ll notice that some segments of your market stand out… businessmen and women, young mothers, retirees, and so on.

” Dig deep, conduct some research, and determine precisely how your product relates to the unique demands of these niche groups.

” Speak to them as an authority figure. Revise your sales materials to meet the unique requirements of each group. Demonstrate to them that you understand their wants and needs, and watch your earnings soar.

  1. I Have More Critical Items To Acquire Right Now.
    Yes, purchasing now may not seem critical until… the deal is too good to pass up, and you must purchase it now to take advantage of the deal.

What I’m referring to is prohibiting procrastination. What your buyer is actually saying is… I have no reason to purchase today. Make the deal irresistible and bind it to a deadline. This will motivate them to make the purchase a priority, IMMEDIATELY.

  1. I’m Skeptical… This Offer Seems Too Good To Be True
    The majority of customers have been burned by bargains that appeared to be too good to be true and ultimately cost more than they were worth. The only way to overcome suspicion is to develop a trusting relationship.

Money-back guarantees that are unconditional eliminate the possibility of loss and demonstrate to the customer that you genuinely care about their pleasure.

Allow testimonials to speak for themselves. Demonstrating that you have previously delivered and won client satisfaction goes a long way toward allaying customer anxieties.

Make yourself available. Customers feel secure when they can call or send an email and receive prompt responses to their questions.

It is hardly rocket science to penetrate the shell of hardcore clients. These three pointers will get you started in the right direction.

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