22 November 2021

2 Magical Words in Marketing

Dale Carnegie’s second chapter in his famous best-seller, How To Win Friends And Influence People, is titled The Big Secret of Dealing With People. The secret may be summed up in one principle: express genuine gratitude.

Carnegie once stated that the only way to get someone to do something is to make them want to do it. How do you get clients to recommend you and say nice things about you? By showing them what they, and all humans, crave: genuine and heartfelt gratitude.

The Two Magic Words

Dealing with people (or consumers) is a significant secret that is frequently overlooked or forgotten. It’s as simple as saying “thank you” on a regular basis, personally and, most importantly, truly. Customers want to feel important, thus these two words work wonders in marketing.

Furthermore, saying “thank you” is a kind gesture. However, don’t say “thank you” just to be flattering. It has to be genuine. “You can never express anything except what you are,” Ralph Waldo Emerson reportedly observed.

“Thank You” Encourages Recommendations

Referrals might be unsettling because of their ambiguity. Are you able to keep them under control? No. Are you able to sway them? Absolutely.

You must first give customers a valuable product or service. (Isn’t this something you’re already doing?) But it’s possible that your continuous attention after you’ve given the goods or service will make an even bigger difference in their eyes.

Each customer’s level of satisfaction with your products and services is different. Customers who receive a “thank you” note, on the other hand, are certain that they are valued. This can influence whether or not you maintain a relationship with them and receive referrals.

“Thank You” As a Direct Mail or Email Message

Start a thank-you correspondence program if you’ve never utilized direct mail before and are contemplating it. Start sending thank-you letters or e-mails now if you’ve used direct mail or e-mail but haven’t yet.

Your customer thank-you letter or e-mail is targeted (you know who they are, and they know who you are), personable, and effective. It’ll almost certainly get a positive response.

Furthermore, if it’s snail mail, it’s a wonderful surprise. They are aware of your envelope. They assume it’s something I need to review, sign, or worse, a bill. Surprise! They’re valued; they’re significant. You’re the one who’s telling them that.

At every opportunity, send a thank-you letter or e-mail. Sending one with an invoice or other correspondence is not a good idea. Always send it in a separate envelope.

Thank-You Letter or E-mail Writing

A thank-you letter or e-mail may be simple in concept, but drafting one can be difficult. Here are nine pointers on how to write an effective thank-you letter or e-mail:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. A half-dozen (or fewer) lines should suffice.

2. Make it genuine. This is quite important. Even when you’re trying to be sincere, if you’re not careful, it can come across as odd.

3. Begin with “thank you.” Dear Ms Johnson (or Mr Johnson, as the case may be): Thank you very much for…

4. Warm up the tone, yet keep it professional. Maintain a professional demeanour while remaining approachable.

5. Consolidate a positive. Remind them of a good thing about the partnership.

6. Continue to show your support. Please contact me if I can be of assistance…

7. Thank you at the end. Thank you again for…

8. Use a suitable conclusion. Sincerely, Best regards.

9. There is no hidden agenda. Make it a simple “thank you,” or your sincerity may be questioned.

Remember that saying “thank you” is an important aspect of developing long-term consumer connections. Use these two magic words on a regular basis, and you’ll see an increase in repeat business and referrals.

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